Forum 2009

(8 – 10 December, 2009)

Preliminary Programme of Business Related Events

10 December, 2009

1. Seminar: Internet Communication as Priority Tool for Promoting Innovative Goods and Technology.

 Organizer: Ashmanov and Partners Internet Agency, Moscow

2. Seminar on Trade Marks

1 Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the protection of trade marks (service marks): provisions and practice.
Exhibition priority right relating to trade marks.
2). Certification marks.
Collective marks.
Unregistrable marks: possibility and terms of registration.
3). Trade marks and brands. Trade mark promotion strategy for turning it into a brand.
4). Trade mark as a concentrated representation of Intellectual Property translated into products (services).
5). Registration of trade marks abroad
6). Corporate identity (on the basis of a trade mark).

Organizer: Russian Association of Trade Mark Owners, Moscow

3. Seminar for Regional Delegates of the Forum: Regional Brand as Intellectual Property. It’s Impact on the Image of the Region

1). Appellation of origin and its impact on the image of the region.
2). Issues of legal protection to consider when designing a logo and a word trade mark.
3). Legal protection of trade marks (brands) and of their elements as industrial intellectual property.
4). Product identification according to Chapter 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and its relation to trade marks/ service marks.
5). Procedures and technologies of protection of new trade marks owners’ rights in separate regions and in Russia at large.
6). Trade marks in foreign exchange, including advertising.
7). Commercialization of trade marks.
8). Copyright in advertsing.

Organizer: Advertising Department of Expocentre ZAO

The objective of the Seminar is to assist Russian regions in creating their image, and enterprises which have got or are still designing their trade mark requiring registrations and protection against unfair competition:

The Seminar invites regional authorities, firms and organizations!

4. Seminar on licensing of international transfer of dual-use goods and technology (export control procedures).

Organizer: Export Control Training Centre, St. Petersburg