Dear Colleagues,

On 7 - 9 December 2011 Expocentre and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Federation Council of the Russian Federal Assembly, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks will be running the 3rd International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority'2011.

The Forum is held with the support from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA), UFI, International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) and the Russian Union of Exhibition and Fairs (RUEF).

In 2011, the Forum will comprise the following events: read more...

The Second International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority2010

On December 7, Expocentre held an opening ceremony of the Second International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority2010.

On behalf of the organizers, Expocentre General Director Vladislav L. Malkevich welcomed Russian and foreign participants of the Forum. He stated the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), International Chamber of Commerce and Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) delegates' attending the Forum as a significant fact. That means recognition of the Forum theme value, its role in innovative development of various countries' economies.

Analysis of the exhibited international legal certificates on protection of intellectual property (IP) revealed the certificates' obsolete character, Vladislav L. Malkevich emphasized. Expocentre, with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and ROSPATENT suggested working out measures to refine the situation. The Forum is focused on seeking the ways to solve this problem.

Along with the Forum there is the Exhibition of Innovations which has grown by seven times comparing with the previous year. Participation of the talented Russian youth is especially pleasant, as Vladislav L. Malkevich noted. He expressed his gratitude to WIPO, which established a special gold medal award for young inventors. We consider the exhibition as a real step to modernization of the Russian economy, Expocentr General Director finalized his speech.

First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation Alexander P. Torshin addressed the participants of this Russia's milestone event. On behalf of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly Council of Federation and in the name of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly Council of Federation Chairman Sergei M. Mironov, Alexander Torshin  read out the greeting message wich said that the purpose and objectives of the Forum meet  the time spirit in full and what is especially important, they are congenial to the priorities of the large work performed in our country to modernize the national economy, change its structure in favor of scientific and high-technology production.

In modern conditions a basic inexhaustible resource for a society development is information and knowledge, and the main motive power is researches and developments. In this situation it is difficult to overestimate the value of the Forum as a business platform which allows discussing major questions in the sphere of legal protection, protection and commercialization of intellectual activity results and means of individualization, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (ROSPATENT) Oleg I. Strelkov said. He as well emphasized the importance of the event for expansion of the international cooperation in sphere of high technologies and innovations market development.

The Forum is important not only for Russia, but also for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which delegated its experts to participate in the Forum. On behalf of WIPO and its General Director Francis Gurry, the WIPO Administration Director Michal Svantner welcomed the Expopriority2010 participants.

Mr. Devis Koris, Head of the Intellectual Property Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), will take part in the Forum. Mr. Koris will present this organization's initiatives. Head of the ICC Russian National Committee Tatyana Monegen expressed her confidence that the Forum would become a part of large and very important work to struggle with piracy. This work is performed within the ICC special international program BASCAP.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir B. Isakov, welcoming the Forum participants on behalf of the RF CCI and its President Evgeniy M. Primakov, noted  essential progress of the Expopriority new project. The project participants are offered an extensive and rich program comprising the exhibition, conference, sections, round tables, presentations, workshops and many other events.

Vice-President of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs Sergei P. Alekseev expressed these authoritative exhibition organizations' opinion, marking that questions of IP protection, especially at international exhibitions, were becoming more and more actual all over the world. The existing legal acts item 11 of Paris convention and similar Russian civil statutory regulations are not enough as for today. In Russia, as well as all over the world, there is the problem of national brands, IP protection. Sergei P. Alekseev confidently declared that the 2nd International Forum Expopriority2010 would develop the offers which will promote these problems solving not only on the national, but also on the international level.

Expocenter is a recognized leader of the Russian exhibition industry. Lots of interesting initiatives have been born here. Today we are glad to declare creation the Alley of National Brands and Symbols. In the most prestigious place of the complex there will be fixed flags of leading manufacturers of goods and services and national symbols of Russia as well. The Spotlight on Branding campaign will become a key event at the present Forum.

The Second International Forum on Intellectual property Expopriority2010 started its intense and interesting work which will last till December 9. You can trace the Forum work on-line on http://www.expocentr.ru/.

VI Congress
of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

WIPO Gold Medals for Forum Participants

Moscow, 4 March, 2011. At VI Congress of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, in the World Trade Center hall, the exposition of the best enterprises of Russia the members of the Chamber who had reached high indicators in innovative sphere for the period which passed after V congress has been strached. Exhibition's subjects - Support of Innovative Activity and Intellectual Property Protection. On of the central stands has been devoted to prize-winners of the Exhibition of innovations spent within International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority in 2009 and 2010 ...

Dear Forum Participants!

On behalf of the organizers and the Management of the 2nd International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority'2011, we would like to thank you for your support, professional interest and active participation in the Forum events!

We started working on this project amid the crisis. Back then we realized the importance of creation of a meeting point for professionals to discuss ways to introduce innovations into manufacturing industry and promote competitive national brands on foreign markets. We are boosted by the fact that the Forum is well-received; and inventors, manufacturers, patent specialists and youth need it.  

The Forum has received support from the Russian highest legislative body, the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, and such recognized organizations as WIPO the World Intellectual Property Organization and ICC the International Chamber of Commerce. Now we ought to expand the Forum's topics and perfect its organization.

The most important thing for us is to live up to your expectations as well as see the actual results of development of the regulatory framework in this and other countries to ensure commercialization of the latest products and technologies exhibited at our best trade fairs.

On the threshold of a New Year, we would like to wish you creative inspiration, new effective technical and designer solutions, good health and happiness!