Workshops & Training Programs


9th December 2010, Pavilion 5
Workshops & Training Programmes

Meeting rooms, Pavilion 5
(registration start at 9.45 )

1. Face-to-face meeting with the Chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russia Society of Inventors and Developers YuryYu. Manelis re: Rights of authors.
Incentives for authors of technical innovations and persons who facilitate their application on the federal and regional levels.

Master class for young inventors with participation of patent attorneys and investors.
  10:30 start, Meeting room No.1, Pavilion 5

Co-organizers: All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators (VOIR), Centre for Stockholding of Innovations (A.F. Vlasov, General Director)

2. Training Seminar "Software as an IP - the methods and ways of protecting"

10:30 start, Meeting room No.2, Pavilon 5

Co-organizers: SOFTLINE, ZAO; the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and EXPOCENTRE, ZAO

Subjects to be discussed:

  • Software as Intellectual Property: Risks and Ways to Minimize Them
    Vladimir Razuvayev, Director for Legal Support, Head of the License Management Department, Softline
  • Anti-Piracy Activity of Adobe Systems
    Igor Slabykh, Head of the Anti-Piracy Department for Russia and the CIS, Adobe Systems Inc.
  • Software Piracy Prevention in a Company: Law-Enforcement Practice in Russia
    Anna Petrova, Legal Representative of BSA in Russia

3. Training Seminar on the subject: "Promotion of Innovations via Internet. Features of Brand Promotion."
  10:30 start, Meeting room No.3, Pavilon 5

Co-organizers: Internet Agency "Ashmanov & Partners", "UsablityLab" company

Subjects to be discussed:
  • Using SeoRate technique for promoting new projects
    Sergey Polkovnichenko, account manager, Internet Agency "Ashmanov & Partners"
  • Sinergetic brand promotion via Internet
    Konstantin A. Shurygin, Deputy Director, Internet Agency "Ashmanov & Partners"
  • Design as the major promoter of novelties
    Dmitry Satin, Head of "Usability Laboratory"

4. Workshop on the IP Issues in Custom’s operations – "Intellectual Property.
Custom Union. General issues of export and import"
  10:30 start, Meeting room No.4, Pavilon 5

Organizer: Collegium “Customs & Corporate Lawyers” (Russia, Moscow)


- I.L. Bakhterova, Head of Legal Consulting Sector of the Collegium
- Oxana L. Kurochkina, Barrister, Head of the Working Group on IP protection within Expert Council on Custom Regulation of the Committeeon budget and taxes of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
- T.N.Chernik, Director of Legal company "Kurochkin & partners" (Ukraine)
- P.D.Burjanov, Deputy Director, Certification Body "SAMT FOND"

Subjects to be discussed:
  • (i) System of Custom regulation in the Custom Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Custom legislation of the Custom Union
  • Features for levying of customs duties, paying and returning thereof. Custom value. Classification of goods
  • Novelties in the Custom Code of the Custom Union re: custom’s control
  • (i) Features of IP protection
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