Dear participants of the International Exhibition of Innovations within the framework of the 4th International Forum on Intellectual Property «EXPOPRIORITY'2012»!
November 28-30, 2012

EXPOCENTRE announce Innovation Competition of Manufacturers for the official participants in the International Exhibition of Inventions within the framework of the 4th International Forum «EXPOPRIORITY'2012». The Competition is open to companies and corporations that are official participants of the above-stated exhibition, including small-sized innovative companies that are created within/under budget educational and scientific institutions, in conformity with Federal Law № 217-FZ dated 02.08.2009, as well as individual inventors. The exhibits which are based on technical/technological solutions at the level of inventions, utility models (technical/engineering device/installations) and industrial designs (the original art and design developments), and / or containing both patented as well as patent-free solutions are accepted for the Competition. Information about all the innovations presented at the Competition, will be published in a special section entitled "Innovations" of the Official Catalogue of the Forum.

Qualified experts before the official opening of the Forum will carry out preliminary technical expert evaluation as to novelty and practical applicability of innovations that will enable for the results of the Innovation Competition of the Russian manufacturers to be treated in a new light. And only those innovations that will be professionally selected will be able to be announced its laureates, and they will become subjects of very close attention on the part of various investment funds.
Within the course of the Forum there will be organized work of the Advisory Centre with the participation of patent attorneys, technical experts, experts on export control and customs lawyers, as well as representatives of various investment funds. Both participants of the Forum and visitors to the Exhibition will be able to receive qualified assistance on all matters of their interest. At the information desk all the necessary information concerning the whereabouts of the companies, representing a particular novelty the Exhibition could be provided. The work of the Advisory Center will be conducted during the entire period of the work of the Forum.

The electronically-run system of Match-making (MatchMaking) has already been worked-out and will become effective starting from the beginning of October 2012. It has been designed for the maximum comfort and efficient use of the exhibition period and business appointments and meetings, planned well in advance. The electronic system of MatchMaking will enable the party-initiator to make an appointment in advance by defining their target partner, agree upon the issues of negotiations with him, to optimize the best time for work at the stand and ensure the achievement of business objectives of both exhibitors and visitors.

Should any questions concerning your participation in the Innovation Competition of Manufacturers arise, you are welcome to contact the Administration of the Forum.