The Forum provides an opportunity to discuss various issues including IP protection and enforcement, and the development of innovative infrastructure, it offers information and methodological support, and consultations for inventors and innovators, and also presents practical and profitable innovation projects to potential investors.

The potential investors invited to the Forum include venture funds and associations, SME supporting funds, business angels and development institutions.

27 November, 15.00–18.00
Venue: Pavilion No. 7, Hall 5, Presentation Hall

Presentations of Innovation Projects


Aleksandr Kashirin, Managing Director for Strategy at Rostec State Corporation

Igor Panteleyev, Executive Director at the National Association of Business Angels (SBAR) Non-profit Partnership

The projects were examined and selected by experts from Rostec State Corporation and the National Association of Business Angels at the First Open Competition of Civil Innovation Projects designed by organizations of the Russian defence sector.

Winners of the First Open Competition of Civil Innovation Projects designed by Russian defence sector companies

The competition has been initiated by Rostec State Corporation, with the aim to engage a broad range of defence R&D companies in developing a knowledge-based economy in Russia, as well as in manufacturing high-tech civil products - as part of newly-created innovation companies - and promotion of these products to the home and external markets.

The competition is supported by the federal executive authorities, state corporations, major companies partly owned by the state, development institutes, defence sector companies, higher educational institutions, research institutes and other organizations.

There are four award categories in the competition. They are the Best R&D Project, the Best Innovative Product, the Best Innovation Business (company) and the Best Innovation Project Managment Team.

It is an open competition which means that alongside defence sector companies, companies from other economy sectors, higher educational institutions, research institutes, as well as management teams and individuals presenting innovation projects can take part in the contest. The competition is widely promoted at various venues including the Expopriority Forum.

Early Stage Innovations

The National Association of Business Angels (SABR) - in cooperation with the Russian Venture Company, Rostec and Rosnano State Corporations, Skolkovo and other development institutions - has been supporting early stage innovation projects (mostly seeds and startups) for seven years.

The Expopriority Forum is a great platform for both showing existing innovation projects to potential investors and sourcing new promising ideas, specific innovations and innovation businesses to which business angels (investors) can attract venture funding.

28 November, 16.00–18.00
Congress Centre
Skylight Hall

Presentations by the 2011 and 2012 winners
of the Innovative Projects and Developments Contest.


Vyacheslav Obukhan, Director General of Moscow Centre for Technology Transfer ZAO, head of the secretariat of Moscow Expert Council.

Investors will see companies that became prizewinners of the Innovative Projects and Developments Contest at previous editions of the Expopriority Forum. From the time they took part in the contest the companies have gone a long way in developing their businesses but they are still keen to raise more growth finance and ready to present projects that can be profitable investments.

The programme of presentations will feature the following projects:

New medical fibre laser equipment and instruments on the basis of profiled sapphire crystals.

Irina Shikunova, the Institute of Solid-State Physics of the Russian Academy of Science (Chernogolovka)

The project aims to provide a new class of medical fibre laser equipment and instruments on the basis of profiled sapphire crystals with extended capillary channels for diagnosing and treating cancer. This new-class equipment can help find new approaches to fighting cancer and raise effectiveness of existing cancer-treatment methods, which is a key challenge facing humankind.

Wireless system for monitoring and analyzing human movements in health care and sport

Vasily Morzhakov, Automated systems OOO

The system uses the latest micromodules, measuring acceleration and angle speed for monitoring movements and assessing whether the movements have been performed correctly. The system offers an innovative way of processing data which makes it possible to assess the results of physical training, and rehabilitation exercises in medicine, overcome weak points in abilities of athletes and boost their edge, as well as provide statistics of taken and delivered blows, their force and how they were delivered. The system incorporates educational material which helps create individual courses for rehabilitation patients, who are exercising to regain mobility, and for professional athletes.

Biodegradable composite materials for the packaging industry

Yelena Mastalygina, Pyotr Pantyukhov, the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Science in association with the G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (the departments of chemistry and physics)

A composite material based on synthetic polymers and natural fillers characterised by controlled biodegradability; high performance properties (good mechanical and thermophysical properties, high resistance to exposure to wet and aggressive environments etc); cost price comparable to the one of synthetic plastics used in packaging manufacture; suitability for manufacturing packaging for non-food and dry food products, as well as waste sacks and hygienic products.

Acute myocardial infarction test kit

Irina Sokolova - OFK-CARDIO OOO

The test kit by OFK-CARDIO has been developed for early detection of myocardial infarctions. It consists of a test strip which can detect a heart-specific FABP (a fatty acid binding protein) in blood. The principal feature of this product is its high sensitivity and specificity.
There are no other FABP test kits on the market that would allow AMI tests conducted on fingerstick blood samples (which means a person can do the test by themselves without help from others). The test takes just a few minutes. The FABP is a highly specific cardiac marker, which can be detected in blood within the first hours after a heart attack.


Kwenda interactive guide

Ilya Leyrikh, OOO Kwenda

Kwenda is a web service for planning trips, and it is also a mobile assistant on the road. It can map out walking and automobile routes around a city on the basis of your preferences and select the best possible route from one city to another. The key feature of this web service is that it routes the trips taking in tourist attractions, museums, cafes etc. You can amend the route straight on the map. When the service plans your route, it also creates your personal guidebook which you can amend, print out and take along with you.