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Expocentre offers a new service to the participants in the International Exhibition of Innovations connected with promotion of innovative projects and developments on the Russian and global market of innovations. Filling in the application form, you will generate more interest in your latest project from potential investors.

Information about innovative projects and developments will be made available to venture investors, business angels and entrepreneurs during the 3rd International Forum on Intellectual Property – Expopriority'2011.

Submitted information about the project – the name and short description – will be posted on the Expopriority official website in the Mediacatalogue Section.

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About Company

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About Project

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Title of protection (if any):
Short description of the project:
1. Security and counter-terrorism
2. Nano industry (nanotechnologies and new materials)
3. Information, telecommunication systems and technology
4. Medicine and biotechnology
5. Advanced weapons, defense and special-purpose technology
6. Environmental management (ecology and environmental protection)
7. Transportation and space systems
8. Engineering
9. Energy efficiency, energy saving, nuclear engineering
Previous financing. What investors have you already approached with the project? (specify venture funds, investment companies, business angels and networks, banks, etc.)*:
What have already been done?*:
Stage of progress:
Idea – a concept
Research – the idea has been checked, a prototype is in the works
Design and development – the prototype is created or a pilot run
A turnkey product
Independent testing run
Are there any titles of protection (patents)? Submit patent numbers*:
Is there a technical novelty in it? What is innovative about the project? What is original and exclusive in this project which competitors do not have? Why are you the best?*:
Is there a prototype or a beta version?*:
Description of the product/service. What kind of product will be produced? What exactly will you offer your clients? What is unique in the product for a customer? What problem will the product solve on the market? Specify the product’s main functions*:
Who will use the products (major customers of the product/service)?:
Who will buy the product? Who will use the product? Volume of use (annual output of the market, market growth rate, special segments, market ambitions, any market research)?*:
Competitive advantage of your product (service), what distinguishes it from products/services of your competitors*:
How are you going to sell it? What is your business model? Business scheme – money flow, advertising model, estimated price, production cost of a piece of product/service. It is advised to choose a business model that offers high profitability*:
Competitors (as of now who receives the money which should go to you)*:
The project team (who will execute all the plans). Is the project team competent for successful commercialization already assembled? Short information about experience and expertise of key project participants. Incentive programs*:
Need for financing (investments, grant, credit). Determine the sum of necessary investments (the sum should be appropriate for the project’s development stage and its business plan). Specify investment line items, necessary investment tranches*:

Finance Plan

Cost of requisite investments:

Revenue forecast for the next 3-5 years. Expected financial figures

1st year revenues (sales), mln. rub.*:
2nd year revenues (sales), mln. rub.*:
3rd year revenues (sales), mln. rub.*:
4th year revenues (sales), mln. rub.*:
5th year revenues (sales), mln. rub.*:
1st year costs, mln. rub.*:
2nd year costs, mln. rub.*:
3rd year costs, mln. rub.*:
4th year costs, mln. rub.*:
5th year costs, mln. rub.*:
1st year profit (EBITDA), mln. rub.*:
2nd year profit (EBITDA), mln. rub.*:
3rd year profit (EBITDA), mln. rub.*:
4th year profit (EBITDA), mln. rub.*:
5th year profit (EBITDA), mln. rub.*:
What do you estimate the returns on investment would be? ( as a rule, investors expect 5-10-fold return on investment in 3-5 years)*:
How much, when and how will the investor receive? What interest in the project do you offer the investor? (as a rule, at the early stages an interest can be substantial – 20…70%%)*:
Estimated date of investor’s exit , years*:
Type of financing*:
Seed financing
Venture financing
Debt financing
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