10 / 03 / 2011

VI Congress of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. WIPO Gold Medals for Forum Participants

Moscow, 4 March, 2011. At VI Congress of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, in the World Trade Center hall, the exposition of the best enterprises of Russia the members of the Chamber who had reached high indicators in innovative sphere for the period which passed after V congress has been strached. Exhibition's subjects - Support of Innovative Activity and Intellectual Property Protection.

On of the central stands has been devoted to prize-winners of the Exhibition of innovations spent within International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority in 2009 and 2010. This innovative project has been launched by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Expocentre Fiargrounds - in December, 2009. For two years the project has had powerful development, became a significant event for the country: organizers had acted as initiators of elaboration of model of the accelerated implementation of inventions on the basis of direct exhibition marketing based on modern perusal of the rule of law so-called protection of IP at exhibition. Spent inside of the Forum Brands day has begun workings out of the program of advancement on foreign markets of national brands of the new generation reflecting a course of the country on innovative development.

Demonstration of novelties at large officially recognized international exhibitions prior to the beginning of patenting allows defining demand and marketing capacity, to find partners, investors and potential licensees. That's why participation in such exhibitions gives economy of time and means that is especially important for short-term projects of small and average business, youth innovative branch and individual inventors.

The project Expopriority in 2010 received patronage from the Federation Council of Federal meeting of the Russian Federation and Rospatent, official support from the World Organization of Intellectual Property (WOIP). Also in Forum work taken part the delegation of the International Chamber of Commerce (with headquarters in Paris) . The further development of the project will demand perfection of the patent legislation at national level and harmonization of patent systems of the states-participants of the Parisian convention on protection of the industrial property.

On exhibition in WTC the workings out shown at the Exhibition of innovations inside the Forum and awarded Gold medals WOIP following the results of Innovative competitions 2009 and 2010 In particular have been presented, Gold medals WOIP on a nomination Best inventor have received:

  • Open Society MNPK "Avionics" - for working out of the integrated system of vertical safety of the flying machine (2010);
  • TETERIN Tatyana Prohorovna the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, the academician of the Russian and European academy of Sciences, to the winner of the award it. Century of the X-RAY, the winner of the award of V.CHIZHEVSKY, the author of 10 patents and more than 200 proceedings, - for working out of new technology of color correction of health of the person (2009);
  • GUBAJDULLIN Said Haliullovich the general designer and the developer of specialized man's and female suits of the XXI-st century designed taking into account anatomic characteristics and all zones providing protection raised from bruises at falling, blows, etc. (2009).

In 2010 the second Gold medal has been allocated WOIP at the desire of Expocenter specially for winners of the youth program of invention and creativity among schoolboys, students and young experts the Future of Russia. On a nomination Best young inventor (2010) it has been handed over Sergey Lipatov, the post-graduate student of the Ryazan institute (branch) of the Moscow state open university (GOU VPO) - for working out of manufacturing techniques of cylindrical wheels with arch teethes.

Delegates of VI Congress Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and visitors have shown a great interest to Forum presentation Expopriority-2011 and the presented exposition with participation of gold medalists WOIP. Winners of Innovative competition within the limits of the Forum have received also the offer to take part on favorable terms in an exhibition Scientific and technical and innovative achievements of Russia in mountains. Madrid in May of this year within the limits of a Year of the Russian Federation in Spain.

PHOTOREPORT: VI Congress of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. WIPO Gold Medals for Forum Participants

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