10 / 12 / 2013

Expopriority’2013 Forum: Drive for Tangible Results

A media briefing, devoted to the Expopriority’2013 International Forum on Intellectual Property, has been held today at Expocentre. President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin who attended the exhibition of innovative products and technology, took part in the briefing as well as Sergei Bednov, Director General of Expocentre ZAO.
Responding to the question about the results expected from the forum, the head of Expocentre said “We asked the participants of all the events run in the frames of the forum, such as International Congress on Intellectual Property, different discussion groups and master-classes to summarize the information in order to work out further recommendations for government authorities. During discussions and debates a lot of problems emerged connected with commercialization of IP assets, development of our regional innovative enterprises and protection of Russian inventors and innovators.
According to Sergei Bednov, at first these recommendations will be submitted to the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the organization uniting entrepreneurs and having a great authority with government bodies with a view to submit these proposals to government agencies afterwards.
The head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry added that such work is done on several platforms simultaneously. According to him, on the same day, on Thursday there was a joint meeting of the special-purpose committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Expert Council of the State Duma where an important issue on changes to legislation was discussed. The purpose of the changes is a legal assignment of the results of R&D work done at the cost of state-owned enterprises to other organizations for their further promotion. “The message of this discussion came up here at the last Expopriority’2013 Forum where our colleagues proposed to make relevant amendments to the legislative framework”, Sergei Katyrin said.
He also mentioned the importance of the work done at the exhibition with those participants who had demonstrated their exhibits and ideas a year before. They are helped to implement their ideas at best. This refers to startups, bringing to industrial designs. Probably some of them start manufacturing. “The main target we would like to obtain is to have every idea realized in manufacturing and large-scale implementation”, he summarized.
The heads of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Expocentre answered journalists’ questions concerning IP protection in our country after its accession to WTO, more active entry of Russian right-holders into international IP markets and other pressing issues.
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